I Needed a Solution That Worked So That I Could Work Again

I have to give credit to a chiropractor in Sacramento for getting me back on track mentally and physically. I had been going downhill fast due to depression caused by back pain, and I found myself surprised that my life was going nowhere very quickly due to pain. I have always prided myself on being someone who works hard to make my own way in life. I have always enjoyed pushing hard to get things done, but back pain changed that for me for a couple of years. I previously would have scoffed if someone told me that pain would keep me from being the good worker that I had been for so long.

My dad and mom worked hard for everything that we had when my siblings and I were young. Neither parent had a college degree and their grasp of the English language was sketchy. I could see how they struggled in life because they did not have a wide range of jobs to choose from due to being immigrants. That didn’t stop them from working hard, though. Through them, I could see how important it is to get a degree. I made sure to graduate because I wanted life to be easier for me and because I wanted to be able to help them, too. I’ve spent the last 20 years doing all that I can to secure a good future for myself and to help my family.

My back pain occurred because of a car accident that I was in. I tried a variety of things to make the pain go away, but after two years, I had to accept that I needed to find a solution. I’m self-employed and that means that I have no ability to take sick days and still get paid for that time off. I found myself wondering how people who are disabled get through work and life each day because I was not doing a very good job of it. I started seeing a chiropractor and that is what has helped me to feel good mentally and physically again.